VitTuned Honda CivicX (10th Gen) Si MoTeC PnP Conversion

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VitTuned Honda Civic X Si full vehicle integration "PnP" conversion using the MoTeC M142 ECU.

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Custom VitTuned M142 ECU conversion for the Honda Civic Si (17+). Full vehicle integration package that includes the factory CAN bus programming (including push button start).

Includes features such as:

  • Full CAN Vehicle Integration.
  • Brake Hold system fully functioning and brake release sensitivity tunable!
  • Drive Mode fully functioning and seamless mode switching integrated to switch boost modes and DBW throttle modes to match the Drive Mode -- all tunable to suit your needs.
  • Throttle Position gauge hi-jack to display numerous other parameters.
  • Ability to turn off the Push Button cranking delay.
  • Full D/I injector and D/I fuel pump control.
  • Staged Injection -- add 4 port injectors for more capability at any time.
  • Simplied Transient Fuel strategy.
  • Unique VitTuned flex fuel strategy (ethanol content blending).
  • Adapative boost control -- boost by gear learning strategy.
  • Electronic wastegate control using our unique Boost Servo strategy.
  • Boost by gear, by throttle, by flex content, by drive mode, by inlet air temp, by coolant temp and son on!
  • Rolling Launch, aka "rolling anti-lag". Our own unique strategy.
  • Improved Gear detection strategy (Gear displays on dash just like OEM!).
  • Optimized Fuel Closed Loop control model for rapid throttle input.
  • VTC tuning.
  • Cruise Control.
  • Air conditioning fully functioning.
  • Unique VitTuned Launch Control.
  • Unique VitTuned Traction Control.
  • Unique VitTuned VE fuel model.
  • Unique Long Term VE learning.
  • Mode switching using factory cruise control buttons -- boost, gauge hi-jack, traction control aggressiveness.
  • Unique VitTuned knock control and knock learn logic.
  • Methanol Injection Control w/ Failsafes
  • Ability to integrate with a MoTeC SLM to not only light up via Engine Speed, but with special modes for Launch Control and Rolling Launch!

Of course the package also includes the features we all expect:

  • Advanced warning failsafes.
  • Gear shift cut logic.
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