MoTeC M1 License - Nissan 370Z

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VitTuned Nissan 370Z/Infinity G37 full vehicle integration M1 ECU license -- M150 ECU only.

Custom VitTuned M1 ECU firmware targeted at all the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 powered by the VQ37VHR engine. Full vehicle integration package that includes the factory CAN bus programming (including push button start).

Includes features such as:

  • Adapative boost control -- boost by gear learning strategy.
  • Rolling Launch, aka "rolling anti-lag". Our own unique strategy.
  • Superior Gear Estimate logic.
  • Optimized Fuel Closed Loop control model for rapid throttle input.
  • Full and DIRECT VVEL control (ditch that VVEL box under the hood!).
  • Full VTC control -- with safety limits for VVEL.
  • Retain Cruise Control.
  • Unique VitTuned Launch Control.
  • Unique VitTuned Traction Control.
  • Mode switching using factory cruise control buttons -- boost target, throttle translation, oil temp gauge display.
  • Unique VitTuned knock control logic for this platform.

Of course the package also includes the features we all expect:

  • Advanced warning failsafes.
  • Gear shift logic.
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