Store Policy

Returns & Cancellation Policy

Returns not accepted on any ecu/electrical/fuel system items. No exceptions.

Returns for other hardware is subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Orders may be cancelled as long as the cancellation request is submitted in a timely fashion and the order has NOT been shipped.

Absolutely no refunds after sixty (60) days.

Shipping Policy

We ship to the billing address of the credit/debit card and PayPal account ONLY. No exceptions. Any order placed that requests a different shipping address will be canceled. PayPal accounts must be verified and have a CONFIRMED address. Credit/Debit card purchases must pass AVS. Orders not meeting these criteria will be automatically canceled and refunded.

Tuning Services

Any tuning service is non-transferable. This means the service is valid for the original purchaser of the service -- you cannot "sell" or "transfer" your tuning service to a third party. We honor and support all our tunes for the original purchaser and original vehicle of the service -- not either-or.

We will not issue any refunds on tuning services that have already been initiated (IE, calibration(s) has/have been sent out). This is due to fraudelent behavior ("free basemap"). We do not run any "try before you buy" or "free basemap" services.

Retune Policy 

Retune rates under 'Retune Request' are only applicable to the ORIGINAL client for the ORIGINAL vehicle that was tuned by VitTuned. If you purchase a car previously tuned by us and are not the original customer you are not eligible for the retune rates. If you are tuned by someone else and want us to tune the car a new tuning rate would apply. If you purchase a vehicle previously tuned by us and feel you are entitled to the tune that is/was on it -- you are not -- you will need to purchase a tune if you want the car retuned.
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