If you are located in the Oregon area and are interested in a dyno tune, we have an AWD DAQ55 DynaPack dyno available at our shop in Spingfield, OR. The DynaPack offers superior vehicle and load control features, when used by the right tuner, amounts to the ultimate dyno tune -- superior power, reliability and drivability, for your race car or street car.

Every dyno tune also includes a follow up street tune/eTune to make sure your vehicle is running 100%, and the same lifetime guarantee as our eTunes.

Contact us to schedule your tuning appointment!

Phone: 541-791-6889
Email: vit@vittuned.com

Here are the systems we currently offer dyno tuning services for (rates are for tuning only, does not include any labor to diagnose and resolve mechanical issues before the vehicle can be put on the dyno). All dyno tuning services also include follow up street tuning/etuning make sure the tune is 100% for your vehicle and driving conditions.

Contact us so we can go over your build and for a more accurate tuning quote. Some of the systems we currently support:

  • Hondata S300/KPro/FlashPro
  • NepTune (and RTP)
  • UpRev
  • HPTuners
  • NisTune
  • ECUTek
  • AEM (V1/V2/Infinity)
  • MoTeC
  • Haltech
There are other systems we may be able to help you with -- contact us to discuss your needs.
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