How Does This eTuning Thing Work?

eTuning is the process of creating a custom calibration (custom tune) for your vehicle based on vehicle datalogs. The process is very simple for you, but very in depth in the background (our end). You do the easy part -- drive the vehicle just like you normally would, we do the hard part -- make it run right! How is this done without a dyno? As vehicles have evolved so have their ECU's (engine computers) -- allowing for very in depth and detailed datalogs due to advanced engine sensors. We are able to take this data and interpret it to build a completely custom tailored tune for your vehicle and specific modifications. We drive our vehicles day to day -- so why not build the perfect tune tailored to your street driving habits directly from datalogs you create while driving your car to work, school or just for pleasure?

Is eTuning safe?

Hundreds of customers will agree - it is perfectly safe. We are not asking you to drive your vehicle in any fashion other than you would normally drive it -- whether cruising to work or having a spirited drive. Heck we have customers with 10 second cars making 700whp+ on our eTunes!

Do you support Hondata eTuning?


What do I need to do?

Purchase an Hondata Ultimate Tune.  Supported vehicles are listed here. If you do not see your vehicle on the list, feel free to contact us -- we may still be able to help.

On the tune order page you are presented with some basic questions about your vehicle -- year, make, model, modifications and fuel being used.

Once we receive your order we will review it and you will receive an email with a link to your initial calibration with instructions -- typically within one (1) business day (weekends and holidays are not business days). You click the link to download the calibration and then follow the steps for your tuning product to upload the calibration to your ECU.

Once the calibration is on your ECU, you will datalog the vehicle for us -- the email you receive will list what we need to see. Usually it is just some regular day to day driving and a short WOT (wide open throttle) pull. 

After you have created the datalogs, you will upload them to this site. You will receive a notification confirming the receipt of the datalogs. We will review the datalogs, make changes to your calibration and send you a new email with a link to a new calibration to datalog (with instructions).

Rinse and repeat until we have a completely custom calibration for your vehicle. The process encompasses multiple revisions (20-25 on average) as modern vehicles have many parameters to tune -- but ultimately we will do as many "revisions" as it takes to make sure the vehicle drives as best as possible given the level of modifications. The tune is done when we are both happy with how it drives! The process is a back and forth exchange of new datalogs and calibrations -- and we work first come first serve, so the sooner you send in your datalog after receiving a new calibration the sooner you will get a new "revision" to datalog (typically). If you are in a rush -- we offer options to help expedite your tune and get you finished as soon as possible by putting you at the "top" of the "TODO" list when you send in your datalog.

We also provide lifetime support for all of our tunes -- for the original customer & vehicle. This means you never have to worry about weather and changing conditions affecting your tune -- complimentary touch ups and such are included as long as the mods on the vehicle do not change. Do bear in mind -- since we do support every tune we have ever done, we work with many customers on a daily basis to ensure their vehicles stay running top notch and turn around times day to day (week to week, etc) will vary depending on work load.

Do I need a dyno?

Short answer: no. 

Long answer: we have no reservations about you putting your car on the dyno and getting some #'s after getting a tune with us. In fact, if you do, please share, and if we can even make more improvements to an already amazing calibration, we will!

Do you have a way to show me how much power my car is making?

You bet -- VitViper wrote the Infamous eDyno software just for that purpose -- time and time again has shown it is very reliable in estimate your engine's output. 

How much is a retune?

We offer competitive retune rates for our EXISTING customers running EXISTING VitTuned calibrations:

Do you have a physical location?

Yes -- we have a shop and dyno located in Springfield, OR where we work on customer builds, fabrication, stand alone ECU installs & development, tuning -- you name it, we can probably help you when it comes to your vehicle. If an eTune is maybe not for you -- contact us and we may be able to help you in person.

To that point -- all of our customers are important to us, eTune or in person at the shop. However -- Vit is our dedicated tuner at the shop and for eTunes. His work & responsibilities go beyond just tuning as well. As such please understand that there are only so many hours in the day and only so much that can be done during the day and we all have families we want to see after a long work day -- do not feel like your eTune is not important if you do not get an updated calibration to datalog right away. We strive to respond to all inquiries & tune updates as soon as humanly possible.

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