KTunerFlash + VitTuned Stage 1 For CivicX Si

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VitTuned Stage 1 special offer for your 10th Gen Civic Si -- KTunerFlash of your choice with a complimentary VitTuned "Stage 1" tune.

We've taken the time to develop a "Stage 1" type tune to include for all our Civic Si customers purchasing a KTuner flash unit from us. This tune is designed for 91 octane or better and helps bridge the gap in what is already available with KTuner while applying the same VitTuned touch we've come to expect of our tunes.

Designed to work on any 10th Gen Civic Si vehicle with a stock or stock size intake (PRL, Injen, Mishimoto, etc -- they are all stock size as of this writing). This tune will work on vehicles ranging from stock to modified, supporting modifications such as:

  • Downpipes
  • Intercoolers
  • Exhausts
  • Stock sized MAF intakes (all are as of this writing).

On our test vehicle we saw gains of 80 wheel torque and 40-50 wheel horsepower over stock.  We also worked on cleaning up the top end to avoid the power drop we saw on the KTuner basemaps above 5800 rpm.

How do you get this tune? Order this combo, and when the KTuner arrives, email support@vittuned.com with your order number and ECU Software ID (in KTuner Options menu). We will send you the tune to match your ECU.

Is custom tuning an option? You bet -- check out your custom tune combo if you're looking for that. We can customize such settings as boost by gear, turbo response, part throttle response and more. If you're modified, can you make more power with a tune? You bet -- we have a "Stage 2" combo available in addition to custom tuning.

Same great KTuner hardware as described here: http://vittuned.com/ktunerflash-flash-based-hardware.html

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