MoTeC M1 License - Honda B Series

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VitTuned Honda B Series MoTeC M1 ECU license -- chose either the M130 or M150 ecu.

Custom VitTuned M1 ECU firmware targeted at all Honda B-Series powered vehicles supporting the Rywire Hall Effect trigger kit using the OEM Honda 12 tooth crankshaft trigger wheel.

Includes features such as:

  • Adapative boost control -- boost by gear learning strategy & duty cycle learning.
  • Rolling Launch, aka "rolling anti-lag". Our own unique strategy.
  • Superior Gear Estimate logic.
  • Optimized idle control logic.
  • Custom MoTeC SLM (Shift Light Module) programming.
  • True Honda VTEC model -- not just a "fuel trim" or "ignition trim" when VTEC is active.
  • Advanced VTEC Window strategy -- benefits includes preventing rapid cycling of the VTEC solenoid during throttle transitions.
  • Optimized Fuel Closed Loop control model for rapid throttle input.
  • Unique VitTuned Launch Control.
  • Unique VitTuned Traction Control.
  • Unique VitTuned Drag Gear Shift Cut logic.

Of course the package also includes the features we all expect:

  • Advanced warning failsafes.
  • Knock control.
  • Gear shift logic.
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