Retune Request

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Retune Request

Already have a tune with us and need your tune updated for new changes?

Already have a tune with us and have upgraded your vehicle with new parts, or even a supercharger or turbocharger system? Parts changes require tune updates ('retune') to keep the motor running at 100%. From the list of options, select the highest denominator to get correct pricing on a retune.


  • If you changed injectors and a bolt on part like a header, injector swaps take more work to retune and as such costs more, so you should select 'Injectors'
  • If you changed cams (and other bolt on parts) and injectors, you should still select 'injectors'. 
  • If you only changed cams and some bolt on parts, but injectors are remaining unchanged, chose 'Cams'.
  • Turbo & Supercharger installs superceed all other options.

Retune Policy 

Retune rates under 'Retune Request' are only applicable to the ORIGINAL client for the ORIGINAL vehicle that was tuned by VitTuned. If you purchase a car previously tuned by us and are not the original customer you are not eligible for the retune rates. If you are tuned by someone else and want us to tune the car a new tuning rate would apply. If you purchase a vehicle previously tuned by us and feel you are entitled to the tune that is/was on it -- you are not -- you will need to purchase a tune if you want the car retuned.
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